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Our local Branding and Identity services in Oceanside, successfully designs brands that represent clarity, reassurance, consistency, and uniqueness within a crowd. From color swatches to logo identity, Creative Palette Designs will help you stand above the rest through our attention to detail with every project. A brand represents identity and together we will collaborate to come up with the best strategy to take your brand and ultimately your business to the next level.

A brand built the correct way, can be so powerful for your company. For example, a word can become a noun or a verb. When we said this is my “brand” of choice we used it as a noun, but when we say let’s “Google” it, we use it as a verb. Therefore it is evident that a brand can become a household name if designed and created to identify an accurate representation of your business, product and or services.


Symbols are a form of communication which allows us to conceive, express, and relay ideas. Icons are simply modern Hieroglyphs which are used to represent a story. Branding and identity derived from these early communications and has evolved to not only identifying what a company does but what it stands for and who it serves.

Creating the right brand identity involves the use of images and symbols. This is so powerful because it triggers the mind to immediately relate a symbol to a certain group or organization. When done effectively, your brand will attract the mind and hearts of your clients. Clients will fall in love with a good brand because it establishes trust and loyalty. Nowadays it is crucial for your company to have a brand identity that your clients fall in love with. It is the only way to succeed in a competitive world of infinite choices in a saturated market place.

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At Creative Palette Designs, we spend time in this phase to discover your needs and wants! We want to help you create your vision right the first time around. We will go in depth discussing likes, dislikes, colors, images, typography, styles, trends and what the project’s application will be. By the end of this phase you will feel confident knowing that we have a deep understanding of what you envision. We will provide a roadmap with the time and resources it will take to get there. This will include a break down of the total cost including our current rate of $50 per hour with a minimum of $100 to start your branding and identity project.


After we determine the details and agree on the style and direction of the project, the design phase begins. Inspired by your ideas and dreams, preliminary designs are created in this phase. You are given three design options for your logo. After you choose one design that contains all the requirements for the project then we move to the revision phase. The standard turnaround time for the first design phase is 3-5 business days. Art takes time and Creative Palette Designs takes pride in providing the best design services available to you and we understand due date is a priority, thus rushes are available with an additional fee.


As a client, you are entitled to three rounds of revisions. Revisions are agreed via phone conference or through email detailing very specifically all the changes in each revision. After the third revision, additional revisions will be $25 each, this includes, edits, changes, and updates. Turnaround time for revisions is done in 1-3 business days.

Resolution (Delivery)

Using the latest and cutting edge design programs Creative Palette Designs will deliver completed files to you so it can be shared with the world. Whether it is print-ready PDF, high resolution images, or vector graphics to use for different applications the files are delivered to you as the final service of the project. Because the work we create is custom and unique, each project is saved for up to 5 years after completion in our archives for future updates and future re-brand. Creative Palette Designs is grateful for having the opportunity to work with you, thus we are happy to provide the final file (NOT including the native files) any time you wish for up to 5 years for free!


SoCal Shades

Located off Garnet Ave. the corporate headquarters for SoCal Shades wanted to rebrand their logo into a modern California eyewear. We chose an oval shape for the background as a signifier for sunglasses. The round and curb lines on the SoCal typography is an homage to the Pacific Ocean. The color palette is a subtle shade of black and grays.

iPoint Advisors

In graphic design, blue represents serenity and responsibility. Orange represents a bright future and always looking forward. We created a logo for iPoint Advisors that symbolize trust and responsibility. The PA “hug” each other to embody trust for each investment you make and security for the hard-earned dollar. The PA and iPoint Advisors text (together) makes the lowercase “i”

Olive Gardening Maintenance

This logo was created using a combination of an icon and typography. The olive branch spring from the letter V to connect the icon with the text. The colors match the green and purple olive branch. Nature has the most beautiful color palette, thus we look into nature to inspire us when we create color swatches for each branding and identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding & Identity 101
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What is identity?

In the graphic design field, identity is who you are as a company, organization, or institution. Identity visually informs the audience who you are, what colors identifies with you, and the graphic element associated with your company. Identity is personal and yet globally recognized by its visual signifiers and symbols of expression.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the visual and typographic expression of a brand. Brand identity can be displayed in a business card and promotional items to promote awareness to the brand. A successful brand identity is memorable, authentic, flexible, and can overcome trends and time. A brand identity can become an asset because it provides value and reputation that can be obtained by consistently delivering the best product and services to your client and audience.

What is brand identity guidelines?

Brand identity guidelines are rules and directions of how a brand is to be used in print reproduction. The most important rule in a guideline is consistency and keeping the brand’s integrity intact. Guidelines ensure common mistakes to avoid so the brand can maintain it’s unity. The priority of a standard and guidelines is to facilitate rules for reproduction and marketing applications. In short a brand identity guidelines are the do’s and don’t do’s to a brand